83% of patients in Singapore with eye diseases are reportedly unaware of their own condition

We're trying to change that

We at Visual Reality develop engaging, educational content to raise awareness of eye diseases and thereby improve compliance to eye screening. This directly targets the lack of awareness, a major contributor to the heavy burden of VI in Singapore4 and the region1. Join us in ushering in a new era for the detection and prevention of potentially blinding diseases.


of Glaucoma cases


of Diabetic Retinopathy cases

are detected late, which results in suboptimal treatment

Visual impairment (VI) is a growing problem with blindness affecting an estimated 20 million and growing across Asia1. Studies have attributed an increased risk of death to VI3 as well as considerable socioeconomic costs2, more so than major conditions such as diabetes2.

Lack of awareness of eye diseases contributes significantly to the burden of VI from eye disease. In Singapore, 83.2% of patients with eye diseases are reportedly unaware about their own conditions4. Worse still, early detection of eye disease is suboptimal based on high rates of undiagnosed eye diseases detected during population studies - with 72.1% of Glaucoma5 and 83.3% of Diabetic Retinopathy6 detected during screening being previously undiagnosed. More work needs to be done to raise the public's awareness regarding such eye diseases to encourage early detection and treatment.

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